On Tuesday, January 22, Next Up Foundation was extremely proud to launch our newest program at the Boys and Girls club of Long Beach! To get things started there, the DGK squad came out to skate and give out some free stuff on our first day. Derrick Wilson, Dane Vaughn, Marcus McBride, Schmatty Chaffin and Lenny Rivas all came out and had an awesome time with the kids. We also had the pleasure of having Tyrone Olson as well, a very welcome surprise! After skating a bunch and breaking in the new ramps, the guys tossed out a bunch of free stuff, and then had a 3-point contest with free decks as the prize for making a shot. Everyone went home with something and had a great time! A huge thanks to Matt Daughters and Brad Rosado, everyone at Kayo, Ryan Black at Sambazon for being our main donor responsible for our expansion to Long Beach, Jamie Mosberg, Erik Sjobeck, Matthew Piercey and Josh Friedberg for also supporting this expansion and of course all the guys that came out for our first day in Long Beach! It was a great start for our newest program!

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