LOVE - Arina Rahman & Adeeb Kasarsi from Opera Trucks.Co on Vimeo.

In due to what is happening right now in Lahad Datu, Sabah.. We came up with this video about LOVE. Define LOVE: Love can be in many forms.. LOVE is not only for your Girlfriend/boyfriend, Husband/Wife, Fiance.. But also to your Family members, friends, relatives, teachers, etc. Love can also be for your country, religion, atmosphere, plants, etc etc.. There is no stop for someone to LOVE anything they wish for. Look, Even though we are in our modern years, that does not mean we have to HATE.. Show some LOVE.. What will happen if this world has no more LOVE? To all our friends fighting their Lifes and Democracy out there, we wishes you guys all the Best.. LOVE our COUNTRY and RELIGION.. show them what LOVE means.. Peace!!