Breaking through isn’t easy. That’s why we created Red Bull Phenom, your chance to get noticed and compete in our amateur contest at this year’s X Games.
We’re NOT looking for pros. We ARE looking for young talent: Send us a video of your sickest line and you could win a chance to throw it down at the X Games this summer in our amateur contest. If you are a chosen finalist, you will be competing against each other in the Red Bull Phenom contests at X Games Munich (MTB) or X Games LA (Skate, BMX).

Spots are open in Mountain Bike Slopestyle, Skate Street and BMX Street.
Claim your place in the lineup by following three simple steps:
  1. Produce a short video (less than 60 seconds) showing off your skills in one of the three disciplines: MTB Slopestyle, Skate Street, BMX Street. Keep in mind that our judges prefer to see one continuous shot, or as few cuts as possible.

    Note: You must be the owner of all the rights to the video’s content at the time of submission. This includes music: Do not add any music, unless you use one of the songs provided here.
  2. Upload the video to your YouTube account, add the title “Red Bull Phenom: Your Name” and be sure to note the URL.
  3. Register and enter your video submission here

(Source: Red Bull Phenom)