Skatepark of Tampa presents "SPoT- Life" Episode 3 SPoT Life Shoots AK-47's and Jumps Off A Building with Heath Kirchart in Vegas

Think of Heath Kirchart as the Chuck Norris of skateboarding. Like if he's going to bungee jump off a building, he'll just tie the rope to himself and throw the building in the air and have it bounce back to him. Some next level bad ass $h!t. Schaefer and Clements went dangling from a building in Vegas with Heath courtesy of Emerica and shooting AK-47's courtesy of DC. Who else wants to sponsor the fun times? Check out Episode 3 of SPoT Life.

Travel the world with the infamous Skatepark of Tampa crew including Brian Schaefer, Ryan Clements, and Rob Meronek as they host events, contests, and more with all of today's top professional skateboarders.

Artist- Latern
Song- Money

Artist -Shake Before Us
Song -No Judge

Artist- Cloak Dagger
Song- Don't Need A

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