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The name "Hellbent" which means "recklessly determined" or "stood resolute against the enemy" comes from the founder's passion in skateboarding for over 12 years. During this period, many local skate companies in Malaysia only sell boards, or t-shirts. With this, we saw the opportunity in making clothing catered to skateboarders as something new to the local market. Our products are made for skateboarding, which can also be worn by everyone because of the quality and comfort our products provide. Our ranges of products are t-shirts, shirts, sweater, denim, pants, and headwear. Our main goal is to provide our customers with high-end quality products that are skate-able, durable and functional at the same time. Those are the key elements incorporated into every design we manufacture. Our products are not only comfortable for skating, but also for everyday use. it is important to us to provide satisfaction to our customers when they wear our products.

We have also sponsored talented local skateboarders as our ambassadors to promote our products. They act as role models to the younger generations of skateboarders and set the standards with their great skateboarding skills.

Our mission is to help improve the skateboarding level in Malaysia and also promote the sport to the mass audience. We believe our local skateboarding scene has the potential to go further as the number of skateboarders especially among youngsters has grown rapidly. As we stand by our motto 'We Stood Resolute Against The Enemy', we won't stop at nothing to accomplish our goal.

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