Converse Welcomes Porock Luis Video Promo 2012

WARNING! :- This video Contain Street Skateboarding at Tugu Negara,KLCC,Bukit Bintang and Putrajaya which is can Skate, with or without permission the street is always open to pedestrian and skateboarding. There is no distubance,dangerous and damages to other people or things around ,some how it attract crowd and give a photo shoot session with the tourist and local. Lastly this video made by the Skateboarder for the sponsor(Converse) and film by 60FPS VM.

Porock Luis(Mohd Fauzi)
Current Sponsor - Converse and Continuity Skateboards

Music :
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

Film & Edit :
Khairi Asyrani Yahiya 

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