Labuan Skate Comp | Karnival Sukan Pelancongan Labuan (June 2012)

Well it's some what kinda late since the event day last month, but better late than never right? Anyways, here's a recap of the competition that went down in Labuan last month on the (30th June & 1st July)! It was the 2nd year of the event, first one went down crazy and this the second one definitely was.. CRAZY! All around it was a great event for sure, a lot of people showed up and supported that day and yea, pretty much good times! Here's just the comp highlight, bonus section will be up soon! So yea, can't wait for next year!

Filmed & Edited by : Mark Ak.
Additional Filming : Afif & Aye
Music : 1. El Ten Eleven - Anxiety Is Cheap 2. T.I. Feat Dr. Dre - Popped Off

Results :
1st place - Alvin & Aniq
2nd place - Bam & Syapeq
3rd place - Kinut & Joko


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