5 days, 3 skateboarders & a film team.
This 10 minute film showcases a cinematic visual experience involving 3 of the best Malaysian skateboarders skating & soaking in the beautiful landscapes of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

As the initial concept sparked, the film team, Groundhouse called in for a collaborative project together with homegrown Malaysian skateboarding brands; Midas, Principle Footwear & Krookz.
Each brand contributed their riders, Nizam Lee, Nizar Hashim and Hariz Mansor respectively to join Groundhouse in the making of this film; #KKskatefilm: First Flight.

Before production took place, Groundhouse received generous production equipment support by Spaceboys Studios in order to cater to the film's requirements. Aaron Tan of Spaceboys Studios joined the film team for the first half of the trip to operate one of the cameras.

Along the way, Groundhouse engaged with Pestle & Mortar Clothing's interest in supporting the project by sponsoring the film team's travel expenses.
Pestle & Mortar contributed their further support in hosting the exclusive BBQ screening which took place at the outdoors of The Wanaka Bungalow.

Tapau TV found great attraction to the film's concept falls under the brand's content scope. As a new video portal officially launching in September, Groundhouse has given Tapau TV prime exclusivity to have the film hosted on their already running beta portal.

Just before #KKskatefilm: First Flight made its way ready for online streaming, colorist Setyo Wib voluntarily colored the film on Davinci Resolve. Setyo found interest in a film piece which was mostly filmed with natural lighting and experimenting with the Sony NEX-FS100 and NEX-700 AVCHD capabilities.

#KKskatefilm: First Flight marks Groundhouse's first film and literally their first flight in filming milestone.

With contribution from different industries, the film team is more than grateful to have such support from different networks in making this film.

Full Credits:
Producer - Groundhouse Media
Director - Point8cam
Assistant Director - Meor Nazrin
Director of Photography - Point8cam
Production Support - Spaceboys Studios
Cam Assist - Meor Nazrin
Camera Two - Aaron Tan
Camera Three - Ahmad Faris
Photographer - Meor Nazrin
Krookz Skateboarder - Nizar Hashim
Principle Footwear Skateboarder - Hariz Mansor
Midas Skateboarder - Nizam Lee
Post Production - Groundhouse Media
Film Colorist - Setyo Wib

Blackmill - Miracle

The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream
(Glass Air)

Generationals - Put A Light On
(Polyvinyl Records)

Mr. Fluff - We Are The Ones (Original Mix) UNRELEASED